★ Turn, turn, turn !!!! ★
With Gyrorama, use the power of the Gyroscope on the iPhone 4 the new iPod Touch to escape our busy world and immerse yourself into some of the most amazing 360 panoramic landscapes out there.

Today, we are delighted to announces the first version of Gyrorama  for iPhone 4 to immerse yourself into any 360 degree panoramic pictures you have taken or you find on the Internet. Gyrorama Lite add support for iAd and is available for free  in the UK and USA while Gyrorama is Ads Free but available worldwide for $0.99.

Why did we develop Gyrorama

Gyrorama came from the idea of using the Gyroscope on the new iPhone 4. What we want to do is bring some more magic to these machine and immerse the user in some of the most amazing landscape around the world. Originally we were thinking of just having a selected panorama per day, but we decided to extend the support and allow the user to choose ANY panorama in their iPhone library or on internet.


Feature in Gyrorama

Gyrorama, Let you see any 360 panoramic in the palm of your hand right in format of you in a real gyroscopic fashion. Just turn on yourself and see.

Todayrama, A brand new Gyrorama every day! So it give you can escape for 5 min in some extraordinaries places

Add any pictures to your album, as it works on any 360 panoramic pictures. So start searching for the places you love, save the pictures in your library or just copy the link in Gyrorama and that’s it… As if you were there!

Future update

We are searching for the best available  Panorama for the Todayrama and we are already working on giving access to the Todayarama archive. You will also be able to zoom in the picture and check it up and down! We are also experimenting the ability to take panoramic picture right from the app. Finally we are also reworking the design of the app.

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